Episode 78 – Words of Wisdom

There are SPOILERS in this and future episodes!


  • News
  • Lore / Voice Acting / Media
  • Questing / World Quests
    • Hotfixes applied
  • Raids & Dungeons
    • Uldir mythic race
    • Uldir hotfixes for Mythic Fetid TWICE!
    • Uldir LFR1 available
    • Mythic+ keys available
    • Dungeon hotfixes
    • Watching Method’s live streams
  • Warfronts & Island Expeditions
    • Warfront communication “could have been better”
    • Tag limit on Warfront mobs?
    • Island nerfs for Demolishers & Siege Engines
    • Working on hotfix for item drops for Islands
  • PvP / War Mode
    • PVP nerfs to Warriors & Hunters
  • Professions
    • DMF intentionally affects only classic professions.
    • Blizzard is “looking to improve this experience in a future patch.”
  • Reputations
    • Contracts updated to have a duration of 7 days.
    • Paragon reps are coming back
    • Planning for catchups for Champions of Azeroth rep.

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