Episode 77 – BFA is Here


  • We tackle WoW in segments this episode. There are NO SPOILERS this episode.
  • World-wide Launch
  • Lore / Voice Acting / Media
    • Warbringer shorts
    • Saurfang cinematic
  • Questing / World Quests
    • Blizzard says they want to better define “main plot” quests vs. side quests.
  • Raids & Dungeons
    • Uldir raid release schedule
  • Professions
  • Warfronts & Island Expeditions
    • Warfronts next week?
  • PvP / War Mode
  • Reputations
    • Dark Iron Dwarves available NOW (with 7th Legion exalted achievement!)
    • Mag’har Orcs available NOW (with The Honorbound exalted achievement!)

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