Episode 58 – Class Mounts and PC Problems


  • New Batch of BlizzCon Tickets
  • Patch 7.2.5

Leeta’s Week

  • Class Order Hall Mount
  • Mount Drop off Rare (Warlocks Only!)
  • Mount For Sale by Champion
  • PvP Achievement Mount 299
  • DK “Strangeness” Mount 300 + 301!!
  • Patch Day Heirloom Upgrading
  • Secret Pet Mats Farming

Stone’s Week

  • Raiding Tomb of Sargeras
  • No Luck with Nightbane
  • Class Order Hall Mount
  • Timewalking Mists Mount
  • Chromie Scenario
  • Hatchling of the Talon Achievement
  • Alt Leveling:
    • RoR Mage, Demon Hunter, Rogue
    • PoN Warrior
    • BotS Hunter


  • Please email us… Stone is so alone… the darkness is closing in.

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