Episode 49 – I’m Not Making Sense!


  • Pathfinder Part 2 Changes
  • BlizzCon Tickets

Stone’s Week

Higher Dimensional Learning
  • BlizzCon Tickets
  • Diablo 3 – finally hit Level 70!
  • WoW
    • Beefstone leveled to 26
    • Raiding: downed new boss
    • Higher Dimensional Learning
    • First Aid to 800!
    • Leveling up with Invasions
    • Running of the Tadpoles

Leeta’s Week

Prestige 1!
  • Archy
  • Pet Battle Dungeon
  • PvP
  • Legion
  • No Murloc Event 🙁
  • Guest on Reins of Azeroth

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Stone an’ Sploosh
Dig Dig Digging!
Prestige 1
Leeta’s PvP Achievements!
Making Mage Towers!
Appearance Achieves!

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