Episode 40 – Pull MOAR!

Stone and Leeta discuss Kirin Tor Event Cancelled, Borean Tundra Bug, Lunar Festival Ends, Love is in the Air Starts and their week in World of Warcraft.

Our Week


  • World Quests
  • Raiding – Gul’dan Normal Down
Gul’dan Down!
  • Mount Runs Etc
  • Pets
Enchanted Broom!
  • Profs
Much Fishing!
Funny Khadgar!
Underlight Angler!
  • LFR / Dungeon Runs
  • Ask Mr. Robot


  • Falconsaur Pets
Pretty Blossom Toy!
  • Broken Isle Safari Achievement
That’s Alot of Pets!
  • Gnomebane
  • Attil
Attil Dings Lvl104!
  • Mounts, Pets, Toys and Achievements
Random Toy!
  • Fishing
Much Fishing To Be Done!
  • Archy
Damn You Brann!!
Rank 19 Baby!

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