Episode 30 – Resources Galore!

Stone and Leeta discuss their week in World of Warcraft, Pilgrim’s Bounty, World Quest Rep Week Buff and this weeks topic: WoW Website Resources!

Our Week


  • Garn Nighthowl
Yay Finally!
  • Horde DK Lvl110
  • Mount Runs
  • Raiding with Leashes
  • Giant Turkey!
Gobble Gobble!


  • Exalted Valajar
  • WoW 12th Anniversary
  • Suramar
Acheesements Galore!

Show Topic – WoW Website Resources!

Stone and Leeta discuss what websites they use for their WoW Info.


Tweets from MDoyle, Shoryl, Cuddles, Wingy, Navox, Turwinkle, Cogspring, Disturbed Angel and Bunnyfailer.

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