Episode 26 – BlizzCon Fun!

Stone and Leeta discuss their week in World of Warcraft, Patch 7.1 and this weeks topic: How To Have Fun At BlizzCon!

WoWhead – http://www.wowhead.com/news=257171/new-content-week-of-10-25-patch-7-1-live-legion-dungeon-event-drugon-the-frostbl

Our Week


  • Withered Training
  • Leveling Mining
  • Leveling Blacksmithing
  • Mount Runs
  • Raiding
  • Kara Attunement
  • New Illidan Questline


  • Candy Buckets
Grommash Costume
  • Girls Gaming Fun
Banshee Back-Up Group!
Banshee Back-Up Group!
Not Quite Ourselves!
Not Quite Ourselves!
  • Archy
  • World Quests
  • Patch 7.1

Show Topic – How To Have Fun at BlizzCon!

Stone and Leeta discuss tips for having a fun time at BlizzCon and watching via the Virtual Ticket.


Tweets from SkkyBeauty and Cinder.

Next Episode Show Topic

Patch 7.1 – How Are You Finding It?

Also Natanie will be joining Leeta next week as Stone is away at BlizzCon.

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