Episode 14 – Is There An Addon For That?

Stone and Leeta discuss their week in World of Warcraft, BlizzCon Ticket Notification, Virtual Ticket, Goody Bags and this weeks topic: Addons.

Our Week


  • Mount Runs
  • Social Fishing
  • Archaeology
  • Garrison Achievements
  • Professions


Show Topic



Curse Client tells me I have 64 addons…. Unlike some other people I thought this was a lot.


  • Z-Perl
  • KgPanels
  • Bartender
  • MoveAnything / Blizzmove
  • SexyMap
  • Een / Prat / Identity 2
  • Details
  • AdiBags
  • TitanPanel
  • TipTac * might try not using this… only use it to position tooltips *
  • TidyPlates * not using… might go bye bye*
Stone UI
Stone’s UI


  • DBM
  • iLvLr
  • WeakAuras (not always on)
  • RaidAchievement (not always on)
  • HealBot (not always on… healers only)
  • ErrorFilter (not always on)


  • Auctioneer
  • TradeSkillMaster 3
  • Postal


  • Rarity (mounts and pets – tracking attempts)
  • OverAchiever
    • A MUST HAVE!!!!
  • WIM
  • Archy / TomTom (main only)
  • Fishing Buddy (main only)
  • PetJournal Enchanced / PetTracker / Rematch
  • Notes * sometimes useful…. But I can just use OneNote *
  • Macro Toolkit (might go bye bye) (main only)
    • Was using more for advanced macros with DK raiding.
    • Don’t think I need it now.
  • GreenWall
    • Riders of Rohan, CTR, AIE
  • HandyNotes (main only)
  • Garrison Mission Manager
    • WILL go bye bye once I’ve finished that last mission.
  • Factionizer (main only)
  • NPCScan (need to customize list)


Currently 165 addons

I have specific addons for Professions, Classes, Raiding, Achievements, UI, Transmog, Looking after my Alts and Screenshot Management!  

New Ones

  • Can I Mog It?
  • Legion Wardrobe
  • Lore Library
  • Transmog Tokens

Must Haves

  • Bartender
  • Archy
  • Altoholic
  • Butterfly
  • WIM
  • DBM
  • NPC Scan
  • Fishing Buddy
  • GoGo Mount
  • MogIt
  • GTFO
  • Postal
  • Titan Panel
  • GreenWall
  • Z-Perl Unit Frames
Dec 2007 – One of my earliest screenshots. Running Titan Panel, Omen, Recount and Necrosis.


Tweets from Short, Shoryl, Cinder, email from CJ and voicemail from Spankyhunter.


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