Episode 12 – All The Things!

Stone and Leeta discuss their week in World of Warcraft, PvP Season Ending, Time’s Running Out, New Silence Penalty, BlizzCon Tickets and this weeks topic: Collecting.

Our Week


  • Mount Runs
  • Archaeology
  • Heirlooms / Mythic Dungeons


  • Mount Runs
  • Dig Dig Digging
  • Throne of Thunder Achievement Run
  • Tanaan Dailies
  • Squirt Day

Show Topic



  • Mounts
  • Pets
  • Toys
  • Heirlooms
  • Transmog
Stone Collect 3
Stone’s Mount Collecting!
Stone Collect 4
Stone’s Pet Collecting!
Stone Collect 5
Stone’s Collecting Fun 1!
Stone Collect 6
Stone’s Collecting Fun 2!


  • Pets
  • Mounts
  • Tabards
  • Gear / Transmog
  • Fishing
  • Toys
  • Recipes and Patterns
  • Achievements
Leeta Collect 2
Leeta’s Collecting Fun1!
Leeta Collect 3
Leeta’s Collecting Fun 2!


Tweets from Nixxos Chronicles, Natanie, Ms Siren Watcher, Mr Neon Dwarf, Unamthil, Reins of Azeroth, Shoryl, Mominatrix75, Brew Dawg, Wingstar and AHSeanR.

Next Week’s Show Topic

Legion Pre-Patch!

Tell us what you are liking about Legion Pre-Patch so far!

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