Episode 1 – Once A Hero!

Stone and Leeta discuss their week in World of Warcraft, BlizzCon tickets, Legion Release Date and the weekly topic: the Scarlet Enclave.

World of Warcraft News

  • BlizzCon Tickets
  • Legion Release Date

Our Week


  • Mount Runs
  • Raiding
    • Heroic Archy kill
  • New video card


  • Iron NE Hunter hit Lvl41
  • Monks – Alliance Dwarfs – Lvl37 – Lvl40
    • We run dungeons just the 3 of us – Ashayo, Wingy and myself
Many Tendrils! Handle It!
Dings Left and Right!
  • Gnome Warlock Leeta – Lvl23 – Lvl28
    • Quests and dungeons
  • Mount Runs
  • Nemesis
    • 32/500 Gnome kills
  • Brawler Guild
    • Rank 1 to Rank 4

Show Topic – The Scarlet Enclave

Our first topic is about Stone’s favorite zone – the DK starting area The Scarlet Enclave!

  • “A hero. That’s what you once were.”
    •  Opening tag line…  That one line got me so excited to play the class – Stone
DK Starting Area 4
Stone and Leeta in The Scarlet Enclave

Next Week’s Show Topic

Leeta’s Favourite Zone – Tirisfal Glades

Tell us what you like about Tirisfal Glades!

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