Episode 7 – Doing It Live Folks!

Stone and Leeta discuss their week in World of Warcraft, the Warcraft movie and this weeks topic: Favourite Wrath Dungeon.

Our Week


  • Recording ‘Live’ from the airport
  • Mount Runs


  • Ashran – Nemesis
  • Glory of Thundering Raider Achievements
Dino Dance

Dino Dance

You Can't See Me!

You Can’t See Me!





  • Mount Runs
Fiery Kitty

Fiery Kitty

  • Monks – Lvl40-Lvl44
    • Uldaman

Damn She’s A Big One!

Uldaman Done!

Uldaman Done!

  • Farming Toys for Legion

Show Topic – Favourite Wrath Dungeon

Stone – The Nexus

Stone's Nexus Adventure

Stone’s Nexus Adventure

Leeta – Halls of Reflection

Leeta's Hall of Reflection Adventure

Leeta’s Hall of Reflection Adventure


Voicemail from Spankyhunter and tweet from Shoryl.

Next Week’s Show Topic

Favorite Cataclysm Raid

Tell us about your favourite Cata Raid and why.

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