Episode 2 – Forsaken and Fey Drunk Darters

Stone and Leeta discuss their week in World of Warcraft, getting to know the hosts, Overwatch Beta, PvP ‘Fun’, car trouble and this weeks topic: Tirisfal Glades.

Our Week


  • Garrison Chores
  • Mount Runs
  • PvP Leveling
  • Overwatch Beta
  • Car Troubles


  • Nemesis
  • Mount Runs
  • Children’s Week
  • Girl’s Gaming Night – Seasonal Diablo 3
Girls Gaming NIght Fun with Seasonal Diablo 3!

Girls Gaming Night Fun in Diablo 3!

Show Topic – Tirisfal Glades

This week’s topic is about Leeta’s favorite zone – the Forsaken starting zone – Tirisfal Glades!


Stone and Leeta exploring Tirisfal Glades!

Stone and Leeta exploring Tirisfal Glades!

Next Week’s Show Topic:-

Favourite Mount You Have!

Tell us which mount has been your favourite to farm/obtain and why!

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